This blog features news from staff members of the Research Department of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), National Libary of the Netherlands (www.kb.nl) and integrates content from other blogs to which our staff contribute.
Focus: digital humanities, digital preservation, digitisation, copyright & more

The Research Department of the KB is and has been involved in many innovative projects over the years in the area of digital humanities, digital preservation, the development of innovative tools for OCR and language technology as well as many Europeana-related projects. For more details see https://www.kb.nl/en/organisation/research-expertise.

The KB is the national library of the Netherlands and as such it is responsible for the national deposit collection, both printed and electronic. It is also a research library specialising in Dutch history, culture and society. The mission of the KB is to bring people and information together, not only by offering everyone everywhere access to everything published in and about the Netherlands, but also by playing a central role in the (academic) information infrastructure and promoting permanent access to digital information nationally and internationally.