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Month: October 2016

20 Years of Digital Preservation


During the preparations for iPRES 2016 the Programme Committee discussed the fact that exactly 20 years ago Preserving Digital Information. Report of the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information was published. A landmark report by The Commission on Preservation and Access and The Research Libraries Group, published in May 1996. It describes a broad view on digital preservation and is often looked at as one of the first comprehensive reports on this topic.

It was interesting to read it again and I was wondering what the view on preservation was 20 years ago and how this relates to the topics presented at iPRES 2016?

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Abstracts applications for Researcher-in-residence 2017

Below you will find the abstracts that were submitted and unfortunately not accepted for the 2017 run of the Researcher-in-residence programme. The abstracts are in alphabetical order. If your abstract is published here and you would like to have your name posted with it, please contact us and let us know. The accepted projects and their abstracts can be found here.

We want to thank all researchers for their interesting proposals, wish them all the best for 2017 and hope to see them again in a following year!

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Our Researchers-in-residence 2017 will be….

Earlier this year we sent out our Call for Proposals for our Researcher-in-Residence Program 2017. This program offers a chance to early career researchers to work in the library with the Digital Humanities team and KB data. In return, we learn how researchers use the data of the KB. Together we will address their research question in a 6 month project using the digital collections of the KB and computational techniques. The output of the project will be incorporated in the KB Research Lab and is ideally beneficial for a larger (scholarly) community.

This year, we received nine proposals that focused on a wide range of datasets and techniques. Last week, a group of seven leading Dutch Digital Humanities professors met at the KB to discuss each proposal thoroughly. Today we are excited to announce the names and projects of our two Researchers-in-Residence 2017!


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