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Month: November 2016

NCDD Studiedag: Een web van webarchieven

Nederland mag dan een klein land zijn, maar we staan wereldwijd wel op nummer 3 wat betreft het aantal uitgereikte domeinnamen – meer dan 5 miljoen. Ruim 14.000 daarvan worden nu door de KB verzameld en gearchiveerd in onze Web Collectie. Gisteren hield de NCDD een studiedag bij het Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid onder de titel Een web van web archieven om de Nederlandse samenwerking bij het bouwen van web collecties te bevorderen.


Uitsnede van: http://nominet-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Map-Of-The-Online-World.jpg

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DH Clinics – librarians unite!

You might have heard someone from @KBNLResearch mention DH Clinics, or a colleague at the libraries of the Vrije Universiteit or Universiteit Leiden, but what are they, why do we need them and who are they for?

The DH Clinics are our attempt of spreading the DH-word amongst our Dutch colleagues. We wanted to set up a community of librarians who were involved in DH, in order to learn from each other and discuss new methods and initiatives. However, we soon learned that a lot of academic libraries in the Netherlands were still thinking about DH and how to implement it in their organisations. We’re speaking early 2015 now and luckily, a lot has happened since, but we believe a small impulse is needed to speed everything along.

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Tackling problems and making progress

Our current Researcher-in-Residence, Frank Harbers, is well under way with his project “Discerning Journalistic Styles. Exploring Automated Analysis of Journalism’s Modes of Expression”. In this blogpost he gives an update on his project and its progress.

Frank Harbers

It has been several months since I wrote the first blog about my work as researcher-in-residence and the research project is in full swing by now. The first phase of the project , connecting the metadata from my own database to the historical newspaper data (and metadata) in Delpher is finished and we are fully enveloped in the main part of the project: training a classifier to automatically determine the genre of historical newspaper articles.

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