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Month: February 2015

Doe ik het goed? Over certificering in Nederland


De KB neemt deel aan verschillende werkgroepen van de NCDD (Nationale Coalitie Digitale Duurzaamheid). Een van de werkgroepen gaat over certificering van duurzame bewaarplaatsen van digitaal materiaal.  In Nederland zijn er steeds meer organisaties die grote hoeveelheden digitaal materiaal duurzaam bewaren, de KB is er één van, maar ook het Nationaal Archief, Beeld & Geluid, DANS en 3TU hebben grote digitale magazijnen (repositories). Iedereen gaat er van uit dat deze instellingen professioneel werken en dat de digitale collecties daar veilig zijn. Maar toch zal dit vertrouwen periodiek duidelijk aangetoond moeten worden aan externe partijen: via audit en certificering.  De NCDD werkgroep Certificering heeft zojuist een folder gepubliceerd, die je achtergrondinformatie over certificering geeft. Welke methodes zijn er, wat is de meerwaarde, en wie zou zich moeten laten certificeren?  Je kunt de folder downloaden van de NCDD website

Barbara Sierman

Oops! Article preserved, references gone

Author: Barbara Sierman
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Recently an article was published by Klein, Van de Sompel e.a. in PLOS1 (see under), drawing attention to the problem of “reference rot”. Reference rot is a combination of link rot (a reference to a link on the web results in an error message 404) and content drift (the page can be found but the content has been changed.) References in academic publications have a purpose: they underpin the argument. References can point to other scholarly publications but a growing amount of references in scholarly publications refer to sources on the Web. And especially these sources are prone to reference rot (the referenced “publications” having – at least theoretically – a bigger chance of being preserved by national libraries or organisations like CLOCKSS and Portico).

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Take-up of tools within the Succeed project: Implementation of the INL Lexicon Service in Delpher.nl

Author: Judith Rog


Delpher is a joint initiative of the Meertens Institute of Research and documentation of Dutch language and culture, the university libraries of Amsterdam (UvA), Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht, and the National Library of the Netherlands, to bring together the otherwise fragmented access to digitized historical text corpora.

Delpher currently contains over 90.000 books, over 1 million newspapers, containing more than 10 million pages, over 1.5 million pages from periodicals, and 1.5 million ANP news bulletins that are all full text searchable. New content will continually be added in the coming years.

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Crystal clear digital preservation: a management issue

Author: Barbara Sierman
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Digital Preservation of Libraries.final.final.inddRaising awareness for digital preservation was a frequently used phrase when I started in this field ten years ago (never regretted it, hurray!). We preservationists have made progress. But the story is still not explaining itself. So I like reading how others persuade and convince people. Recently I found a book that really does the job. In crystal clear language, without beating about the bush and based on extensive up to date (until 2014) literature, digital preservation is explained and almost every aspect of it is touched upon. Edward M. Corrado and Heather Lea Moulaison have done a great job with their Digital Preservation for Libraries, Archives and Museums , Rowman and Littlefield, 2014. ISBN 978-0-8108-8712-1 (pbk.) — ISBN 978-0-8108-8713-8 (ebook).

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