What’s new in KB Research? We’re pretty excited here about the nomination of the KEEP Emulation Framework (EF) for the  Digital Preservation Awards 2012.

Current computers are not capable of executing old programs anymore and old file formats most likely need to be converted before they can be used. And this is where emulation comes in:  with emulation software you can recreate the old computer platform again and run your program as it used to run on a real machine. It offers you almost the same ‘look-and-feel’ as in the old days. The EF offers such a platform without the need to go through difficult installations and configurations.

KB led the work on developing this Framework so we’re very proud to be nominated for this award in the category outstanding contribution to research and innovation in digital preservation in the last 2 years . The Awards will be presentated  on 3 December in London. We keep our fingers crossed!

The EF comes with an Apache 2 license.  Free download on Source Forge: http://emuframework.sf.net .

For this post I borrowed some text from the KEEP website where you can find more information on emulation and the KEEP project.