The KB, Big data and digital humanities at the kick off of the Dutch weekend of  Science

The KB gave a presentation at  the Science dinner, the official kick off of the Dutch weekend of Science. Main theme of the walking dinner was digital treasures.

The Science dinner at the Van Nelle fabriek

The Science dinner at the Van Nelle fabriek

In between courses there were presentations which all related to this theme.  The first presentation was delivered by the KB.

The future of the KB is digital. Material is being digitized at a fast pace and important progress is made in the area of digital services. The aim is to increase the outreach and actively encourage the use of the rich KB collection.

To show what can be done with all this new data the KB invited three guests to give their vision on the use of big data in their field of work:

What is their relationship with Big Data and Digital Humanities? How do they see the future of  Digital Humanities and the use of Big data? What fascinates them when it comes to new possibilities?

To illustrate their relationship with Big data  introductory films have been made:

(English subtitles available by clicking  the Watch on Youtube button)

“For heritage research Big Data is a whole new and exciting field”

Julia Noordegraaf, Professor of Heritage and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam


 “Science asks the question: what is knowledge? Art approaches this theme poetically by speculating and creating things.” Geert Mul, Media artist

“I have a love-hate relationship with the use of computers for language research” Professor Marc van Oostendorp of  Leiden University and the first digital humanities fellow of the KB