Updated 04 June 2018

I don’t live or work in the Netherlands. Can I apply? 
Probably! Contact us at dh@kb.nl and we’ll discuss your options.

I want to use my own dataset. Is that possible?
Sure! As long as you also use one of the datasets of the KB and it doesn’t limit the publication of the project end results.

I don’t know how to code, is that a problem?
Not at all. We have skilled programmers who can help you with your project or we will try to find a match for you if you prefer someone else. This would mean submitting as a team and will cut the budget in half. Reach out to us to discuss the options.

I don’t speak Dutch. Is your content still interesting to me?
That depends on your research question :) It might not be so appealing to linguists, but could offer an novel collection for computer scientists. Contact us to see which collections we have and we can discuss what might be the most interesting set for you.

Why will you publish my abstract?
We want to show others what types of proposals we have received to offer future researchers an insight into the selection process and to prevent them from entering a similar project.

Can I submit a project I’ve submitted previously (at another institution)?
We’d like you to submit an original idea. It can be one you have had lying around for some time, but we’d appreciate projects that haven’t been done before. Projects that have been previously entered into a similar program should be changed significantly before resubmitting.

Can I also work fulltime on my project for a period of 3 months?
We prefer you to work part-time so you can spend a total of 6 months with us. This also allows you to continue your research or teaching obligations at your university.

Will you be able to reimburse any housing or hotel costs?
Unfortunately, when you come from outside the Netherlands, we are not able to find and fund your housing or pay for your travel expenses to the KB. However, we do fund travel costs within the Netherlands allowing you to come to and work in the KB, the Hague wherever you are based in the Netherlands.

I want to use my own programmer, can I?
Yes, you can. We even encourage you to bring in extra people when you want to address a subject we’re not experts in (such as multimedia). However, the budget remains the same, so it will have to be split between you. We do ask that the whole team is available in the KB for at least one day a week. If you want to know whether we can help you or if you should bring someone in, please contact us at dh@kb.nl.

I don’t know if my idea is what you’re looking for. What can I do?
You are welcome to contact us at dh@kb.nl to discuss your ideas and the possibilities.

Can I submit more than one project?
Please focus your efforts on one great project.

Who will be judging the entries?
The entries will be judged by an internal committee and then forwarded to an external committee of representative experts from several Dutch universities and institutions.

What will you judge my project on?
We will judge the entries on criteria such as feasibility (technically, legally and practically), how the KB data will be showcased and used and whether the end results are of use for a wider community. Next to this, we will also look at the originality and quality of the proposal and the amount of support needed (and in this case, more is not necessarily worse!).

What happens if you submit a plagiarized project?
When we notice your your project is plagiarized, we will not consider your application for placement. You are responsible for the originality and authenticity of the project, but we will keep our eyes open.

What happens to any software I write for my project?
All software in the projects, whether you or we write it, will be made available on the KB Lab and Github page under an open source license.

What happens to the data I collect/produce in my project?
At the KB Lab we try to be as open as possible. All data produced in the programme is to be made available for research purposes, either through the KB Lab, KB Data Services or DANS, and where possible will receive a CC-license.

Can I publish any papers about the project?
Yes, we even encourage you to do so. If necessary, we’re happy to help.